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Introducing Dennis Tissington The Man Who Went Viral in 2016In 2016 Dennis Tissington became an overnight sensation after a video of him smashing the windows of Damian Dallyn’s car went viral. The incident was widely discussed in the media and people were eager to know more about this mysterious man who had made such a bold statement. What Happened to Dennis Tissington After the Video Went Viral Since the video of Dennis Tissington’s viral there have been conflicting reports about his death. While some sources claim that he died in 2018 others believe that he is still alive and well. It remains unclear what really happened to Dennis Tissington and his family is yet to release an official statement regarding this matter same is the case with Sharkeisha now. People are curious where is she nowadays? Dennis James Tissington may be a name you’d never heard before August 2016 when a video featuring him went viral. He became the talk of the town in Grande Prairie Alberta – though not for the right reasons. In the video which was taped during a confrontation with another man identified as Damian Dallyn Dennis is seen breaking windows in what very much looked like a fit of rage. It was shocking to most people that someone his age 67 at that time could be so unhinged. But since then practically no information has been revealed about Dennis excepting that he works at a home building company based in Grande Prairie. Which did nothing to satiate everyone’s curiosity around this enigmatic figure making its debut that fateful day. Where does he come from? Why did he behave this way? Who is Dennis James Tissington – and why is no one talking about it? It is Not Known if Dennis Got a Jail Term for Assault It’s been four years since Dennis Tissington was arrested and charged with mischief after attacking Damian Dallyn. It seems the general public wasn’t satisfied with the charge and thought weapons and assault charges should have been applied which led to much chatter in various online communities.Rumors of Dennis Tissington’s Death Surfaced in 2022 Well in January 2022 Dennis Tissington became the subject of a rumor that he had passed away – of course not without it also being reported that he died in jail. However as much as people dug for more information to confirm this false news no one has received any official statement on the matter yet. Could it be that this death hoax is just an attempt to get the old fella and his family talking again about the 2016 car-window-smashing incident that started it all? We suppose we’ll just have to wait and see! But until then we most certainly won’t be believing every strange thing we go online. #magzicamagzine #americamagzine #magzinemagzica Explore celebrity glamour breaking news and business insights in one engaging mag. Your source for all entertainment