How to apply Passport in post office passport seva Kendra?

It"s essential to have passport especially if you"re going to another country.The government"s plan lets people apply for passports or register at their local post offices. It and cities you can now visit India Post says that this service will be available at many post offices across the country.

  • According to these Kendras offer everything from distributing tokens to taking passport applications.
  • Go to Passport Seva"s official website
  • Please fill out the online passport application information and send it in if you can.
  • Please make an appointment at the post office passport seva Kendra (POPSK)near me to finish your online passport application.
  • Take your application printout and original documents to a local post office with a Passport Seva Kendra after you"ve submitted them. It is where you can get your Passport.
  • Once the officials have done their checks your Passport will be ready in 7 to 14 working days.
  • A few things need to be done before an applicant can apply for a passport.

You may now apply for a passport at your local post office

Having a passport is a must if you want to go somewhere else. The Ministry of External Affairs runs passport service and Passport Seva Centers. Even though they want to register or apply for their Passport India Post now lets people apply for passports and register at post offices for passport across the country. You"ll need to visit a "Common Service Center" at your local postal facility if you want to use this service.

Passport registration and passport applications could be made at post offices "When you go to your local post office you can register and apply for a passport at the CSC counter where you live. To find out more go to the post office."

People who apply for a passport online now have to show up in person at a Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) with their Application Print Receipt and the original documents they used to apply.So those passport applicants who have registered and applied for a passport online can now go to the nearest Post Office with their Application Print Receipt and original documents to get their Passport.


For the benefit of the citizens the Department of Posts and the Ministry of External Affairs  use the Post Office Passport Seva Kendra network. This way citizens can get passport services on a bigger scale and broader.

The facility has made it easier for the general public to get passport services close to home through Post Offices. It has also cut down on people travelling long distances to get a Passport.

The Passport Seva has taken some steps to improve the way Passport Offices. The main goal of these steps is to make people more comfortable improve security and be more transparent. Before you go to the Passport Seva Kendra you must complete the online payment which you need to do (PSK). PSK must be ahead of time so that you can visit. Before going to the PSK ensure you have the documents you need.